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What is "The Bunker"?

The Bunker is a Facebook Community newly created by Zoe Byres.

It is a virtual place established for open discussion and development.  It is established specifically to encourage creatives to be comfortable within themselves and to provide them with a safe space to seek assistance and guidance, creatively and emotionally as required from similar minded folk.  The focus of The Bunker is on wellbeing rather than business results, although those tend to naturally follow.

Who's in "The Bunker"?

The doors of The Bunker are open to all whoever of those within the creative sugar arts industry may benefit the most from the establishment.  The Bunker is full of like minded creatives from diverse backgrounds, with varied experience but all with common goals for sweet success and happiness.  

Is there a secret door knock or password? How do I get in?

We would tell you, but then we would have to kill you.. just kidding!  There isn't a secret anything to enter The Bunker, you just need to be willing to respect others, respect yourself and respect your craft.  No mean girls allowed! 

Entry is easy.  Follow this link right to the door!