Cake Support Crews - Everyone Needs One.

So it has been a little while since I have had the time to sit and write a blog post.  It is great that I have been so very busy with the business of creating cake but it has meant that I have spent a lot of time on my own, which, I am the first to admit is not always the best of times!     

Caking can be a very solitary existence and being in the kitchen baking cakes 24/7 can turn you into a recluse.  Most of the time there are no opportunities for chats at the water cooler, quick coffee breaks or lunches with friends.   Most of what we do is on our own, alone, all by ourselves.  Social media sites like Facebook can provide some light entertainment and interaction, but still, it can be a pretty lonely place.  

Life gets hectic and tough and it is those times when it is great to have some awesome friends to guide you through, bounce ideas and talk you down off ledges but often, as a caker, your mix master or favourite cake recipe isn't enough to get you through!  This is when you need a Cake Support Crew.

I am fortunate to have some very awesome cake friends who continuously provide me with feedback and encouragement.  From talking me through a cake meltdown in the aisle of my local Coles, to the exchange of humorous gifs on Facebook at stupid hours of the night while we work on our latest projects.  What is very cool about being in a creative industry is the inspiration and encouragement that you can receive from fellow creative minds.  It is an unimaginably valuable source of strength and it can be the greatest motivation to challenge yourself and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.  The Cake World offers so many incredibly talented folk who continuously post and share work that blows my mind and there are so many within it that are so generous and kind, willing to freely give advice and guidance.  

Some free advice from me for those of you just starting out in the industry: Embrace it.  Make an attempt to network and make friends.  There is more than enough work to go around so don't get too competitive and nasty, it will not reward you.  Ask questions, seek out someone you admire and reach out.  I am continuously amazed by the kindness of my cake idols, their encouragement and support is the greatest form of reassurance.   

Everyone plays a role in my little Cake Support Crew and just as important are my "non-cake" friends and family who equip me with information on non-cake events occurring in the world (apparently they do exist!) and who, when able, provide me with distance from the crazy world of ganache and fondant.  These people are often required to prove themselves as incredibly patient, empathetic and forgiving as often family weekends or even their own birthdays are filled with cake deliveries for others without much thanks.  They are just as important to my caking career and are often the ones to provide the most objective feedback and advice.  

Some more free advice from me: Love those "non-cake/creative" people around you and give them thanks.  They are often your biggest fans and will provide you with the greatest amount of support and encouragement when others cannot.  If, like my family, they are still willing to speak to you after you have been through your creative process of self love, then loathing, then love again, then they are deserving of your eternal thanks and respect!

They say behind every great man there is a greater woman.  I say, behind every great creative mind, there is an even greater team filled with likeminded souls and the most tolerant families on the earth!

Thank you to my Cake Support Crew (you know who you are!) x