Choosing the Perfect Cake

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a cake to celebrate your special event.  Here are a few things you should think about when deciding on your celebration cake, whether it be for a significant birthday, wedding or just because.

Give yourself the time to plan and organise a cake fitting for your event but also give your Cake Designer time to plan and prepare.  Some Cake Designers make several cakes every week and cakes often take days (or sometimes weeks) to plan before the baking process even begins.  Baking to order means just that, most Cake Designers don't have a freezer full of emergency cakes (who would want that!) and sometimes there just isn't enough time in our week to squeeze in another order.  While most Cake Designers would love the opportunity to share cake with everyone, they also have families and there are only so many hours in the day so please make sure you think ahead and plan where you are able!  The more time you allow the more likely your Cake Designer isn't already booked out and the time is available for the design process.  Nothing rushed is ever at its best.

Look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere!  Check out magazines and websites for ideas and put together a file of things you like.  Google is your friend and whilst there is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from cakes you see online, they are best used as an idea to assist in the creation of your own cakey masterpiece.  

Consider trends, look at options and be prepared to hear what your designer has to say.  Sometimes simple things like, venue or a wedding dress can be the full inspiration for a cake, but it is also useful to think about what is special or important to you to include in the cake.  Is there a story behind it?  Is there some way your Cake Designer can personalise it with a colour or decoration that will really make your heart sing?  It is the smallest of details on a cake that can make all the difference, whether it be a personalised number plate on a 3D car cake, a tiny little detail on a figurine or a duplication of an important piece of jewellery?  These things make the cake that little bit more personal and therefore special and memorable.  Most Cake Designers love the opportunity to grab onto these details, it gives them a real chance to create something really wonderful for you and after all, that is the business they are in!


Be Honest About Budgets
No one likes to talk about money but it is really important to be honest with your Cake Designer about your budget.  Doing so means that they can create ideas for you that are actually realistic.  There are lots of different ways to translate your ideas into a cake, more elaborate designs are more expensive but less is often more so it doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune to get exactly what you are after.  Don't believe the tabloid journalism that Cake Designers unreasonably inflate prices for weddings or special celebrations, they don't.  They look at the cake and what it takes to create it, for all the time, hard work and talent that goes into creating it (there is actually quite a lot to consider!).  If you are looking to save some money and are working with a tight budget that really is fine, but it is important to be flexible with the design, perhaps a cake with lots of hand piping and hand made sugar flowers may not be for you this time but a simplified version would be perfect.  Cake Designers are in the business of making people happy and they are there to work with you, trust them!

Portions Dictate Size
Portions should dictate the size of your cake, not the other way around.  Think about how many people you wish to enjoy the cake.  Is it the only desert or just to have with coffee, or maybe just something sweet for your guests to take home?  The size of the cake is one of the biggest considerations when designing a cake so if you only need to feed 10 people, then perhaps a three tier cake is a little excessive or likewise, a single tier cake will not usually feed 160 people!  It is sometimes handy to refer to a portion guide however your designer is the best to advise you on this as serving size is influenced by additional sculpting or shaping of the cake to suit a design. 

If you do have your heart set on that big tiered cake to make an impact, then think about using foam layers as tiers.  These can be decorated just like cake so that no one will notice and they will enable you to have the cake a little bigger.  Similarly, if you want something a little more modest, consider the use of an additional kitchen cake to cut and serve to guests.  


Like Your Cake Designer's Style
Just like all artists (and everyone else for that matter!), Cake Designers have a style too!   All designers all have a particular something special about their work that stands them apart from others in their field, Cake Designers are no different.  Have a look at the work your chosen designer has completed in the past.  Check out their Facebook or Instagram accounts, look through their website and make sure you like their work and how they present it.  This will go a big way to managing your expectations and will also allow your designer to really give your cake design that special little touch that only they can give.

At the end of the day, trust your Cake Designer and never be afraid to ask their help, they usually know their stuff!